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About Us

We are a niche agency that believes in the value of strategically allocated media campaigns utilizing a mix of online and outdoor components that deliver massive impressions into a marketplace – which in-turn deliver significant ROI for our client’s media spend. So how do we accomplish all of that wonderfulness? Glad you asked and it’s a recipe we don’t mind sharing!

clean pore billboardWe start with the power and mass reach of Outdoor Advertising, and we know how to make the creative work for this simple, yet impactful medium. But instead of just trying billboards—we do billboards and do them right. Imagine your brand with dozens of quality billboard displays evenly distributed over an entire marketplace. With proper allocation your brand’s message can be nearly viewed at every turn along the consumer pathway. Next step—we sprinkle in some granular online media tactics to a more targeted audience. Know your consumers routinely go to the gym? We can set-up a geofence to serve online ads to their individual cellular devices. You know for a fact that your potential clients are searching certain competitors? We can populate those search results with ads to display your brand when your competitors are being searched. It’s a nifty recipe that delivers yummy results!

Leadership Team

Aaron Guyton

Aaron Guyton


Aaron Guyton leads the day-to-day operations at Douglas Displays.  He has nearly 20 years of media experience and serves at the chief strategist on client campaigns.   He excels at delivering strategically allocated media campaigns utilizing a mix of online and outdoor components that deliver massive impressions into a marketplace – which in-turn delivers significant ROI for our client’s media spend.

Guyton is deeply connected to the numerous stakeholders in the billboard industry.  He came to Douglas Displays after more than a decade of service at Fairway Outdoor Advertising where he held positions in management and real estate.  He also served for many years as the Director of Government and Public Relations for the fourth largest billboard company at the time and represented many industry related issues at the general assembly—where he was instrumental in passing several key pieces of industry-supported legislation.  Guyton, a true industry insider, has served as a board member on the North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association, has been a contributor to OAAA publications and has been a featured speaker at several OOH conferences.  He served as the Legislative and Policy Chair for the Regional Transportation Alliance and served on numerous Chamber of Commerce boards and committees.  He also served on the board of the Raleigh Rotary Club and the Arc of Hope – which provides Christmas gifts to children in local orphanages.

In his free time Aaron enjoys boating, snow skiing, hiking and spending time with his son Cody. He is an avid snow skier and was a ski instructor and raced on the NASTAR circuit. He is a licensed pilot and also enjoys navigating the intracoastal waterways on his boat. Guyton is a graduate of N.C. State University and resides in the Raleigh area where is actively engaged in local economic development projects.

Penny (Owings) Cornatzer

Penny (Owings) Cornatzer

Media Director

Penny (Owings) Cornatzer is the Media Director for Douglas Displays, where she has spent over a decade procuring outdoor advertising on behalf of clients across the nation. With a background in financial marketing and IT project management, Penny brings over 30 years of customer service expertise to her role.

Beyond her professional achievements, Penny is an avid baker who delights in creating intricate and delicious treats that require a great deal of care and precision. This same attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in all of her work at Douglas Displays, where she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients receive the best possible service.

Whether she’s crafting a new advertising campaign or whipping up a batch of her famous cookies, Penny approaches everything she does with passion, enthusiasm, and a dedication to excellence. Her clients know that they can count on her to deliver outstanding results every time, and she takes great pride in helping them achieve their marketing goals.

Tomi Scott

Tomi Scott

Director of Client Services

Tomi Scott is the Director of Client Services at Douglas Displays, with nearly a decade of experience at three major billboard companies—she truly is an “industry insider”. Her journey through various roles on the vendor side of the business has fueled her a passion for delivering high-level-results for our specifically-tailored-campaigns. She specializes in building strong client relationships and delivering top-notch customer service, while always paying attention to the small details that make a difference.

Her extensive knowledge of the outdoor advertising business encompasses not just current industry’s trends but also the unique challenges and opportunities it presents. From selecting strategic billboard locations to crafting impactful campaigns, she thrives on ensuring our clients get the most out of their outdoor advertising investments.

Outside of work, Tomi enjoys spending quality time with her family on their boat. Cruising the waters with her husband and two kids is not just a pastime; it’s a cherished tradition that adds an extra layer of inspiration to both her professional and personal life.