Douglas Displays can become your full service Out-of-Home Advertising department. Our specialized services will save you time and money, allowing you and your staff to devote energy towards other responsibilities vital to the operation of your company.


Once a client has determined a market to target with out of home advertising, we then contact all providers in this area and put together a list of options and price points for the client to consider.

At this time, we can make recommendations based on our knowledge of product and market.


Artists at Douglas Displays will provide creative services tailored to the specific product purchased.

Once a design has been approved, our staff will manage the production and shipment of the product.


Our accounting department can provide customized invoicing to help streamline the accounting process for our clients.

Even though a campaign may be conducted through several vendors and markets, as our client you receive only one invoice.


Once a campaign is in place, we monitor the progress of the campaign and ensure that it is executed as contracted.


Contact us today and we will have one of our Out of Home Advertising experts consult with you for free to learn how we can best help you reach your goals.